Safety Tender Document Review

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A Tender Document That Is Filled In Correctly Helps You Win More Work.

Many Small Business Struggle With The Safety Part Of The Tender Document Submission

Before you tender for any job ask us to review the tender document safety requirements and your proposed safety submission. We will make recommendations on your submission, identify where improvements can be made to give you the best chance of success and provide additional documentation where required.

The safety requirements contained in tender documents can be extensive and onerous and care should be taken when giving your answers.

Most of the questions are easy to answer but some will require more attention because they have been drafted in “safety code” which needs to be translated before answering and we can help you with this.

One of the most important aspects when making your submission is to make sure that you answer every question, fully and in the order they are asked. Don’t leave any blanks. If you have to provide additional documentation make sure it is properly referenced and in the correct order.

Think of the person having to read your submission, and perhaps ten or fifteen others. Make it easy for them to accept your submission. If questions are unanswered, if the attachments are out of order all your hard work may finish up in the bin just because it was too difficult to follow.

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