Preventing Fires At Work | Must Read For Business Owners, Managers & Supervisors

Having a solid fire safety plan in place is important for all Perth businesses

The risk of fire is present in most work activities and everyone has a vital role to play in its prevention.


  • Observe ‘No Smoking’ signs.

  • Don’t let rubbish accumulate. Keep work and storage areas clean and tidy.

  • Put rubbish in the metal bins provided and empty regularly before they are full.

  • Handle and store flammable liquids safely – keep naked lights and sparks away.

  • Don’t use saw dust to absorb oil spills or leaks – use sand or Oilsorb.

  • Maintain electrical fittings in good order.

  • Keep switchboards clear of rubbish and combustibles.

  • Avoid the use of adaptors and long or damaged power cables.

  • If you are welding, cutting or grinding, clear the area of combustible material first. Keep an extinguisher close by.

  • Report all fires, no matter how small, to your supervisor immediately.

  • If you use an extinguisher take it to your supervisor afterwards who will arrange for it to be refilled – do not put it back on the wall unless it has been refilled.


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